Hello, all --

I hope this message finds you, your teams and your families safe and healthy!

I wanted to reach out with more safety resources and information as we continue to fight COVID-19 in our communities. This is such a serious situation and, while we are all working so hard to find a new normal, please remember that safety must remain at the forefront.
We are seeing an uptick in complaints being reported to regulators and media, and even fraud, in these uncertain times. The way we combat the complaints and fraud are to remain vigilant with safety practices and communicate.

The way that employees feel safe is by being reminded of the safety practices and supplies in place for them, reassurances of what you are doing as a company for their career, their mental health, and their physical health.

As an example of what is going on in Oregon (where construction is still considered essential and is moving forward), OR-OSHA has received 1,200 complaints in under a week, all regarding COVID, while in a normal year, they yield roughly 2,000 total complaints. This is obviously not the kind of PR we want for our industry as we look toward and prepare for a full restart of construction.

I am going to continue pushing out updates as more resources become available, to assist you in this effort. As always, we are here to support you, so feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.

Also, unfortunately, some criminals choose a time like this to capitalize on vulnerabilities, so be aware. For instance, in Oregon, they have already had people imitating OSHA inspectors and going to jobsites writing "violations" and demanding payment immediately. Remember a real inspector will show credentials and will not issue a "ticket" on the spot. Please report any suspicious activity!

We have a large number of safety resources on our COVID Resources page and are growing that as we find and create more for you.

We are working to host a Safety for COVID Town Hall next Wednesday, April 8 at 10 a.m. featuring the Department of Labor and Industries to dive into some of the more common safety questions in construction. Click here to register for that webinar.

Mental-health resources are vitally important at times like these. Here are some newer resources to help:

An article from Field Wire, featuring Mandi Kime, that talks about active steps that companies and leaders can take during tehese times to support mental health and create a culture that cares for the whole worker. Find it here.

An article from Cal Beyer, regarding how you can help employees cope. Find it here.
We have new social-distancing posters available for onsite use regarding social distancing, available in both English and Spanish versions.

National Stand-Up for COVID-19 Safety Day, coming up on Thursday, April 9. We will share more details as we know more, but you can also access the AGC of America COVID Response page here.

Please remember that we are in this together, so if you need help, please reach out. I am balancing time between home and my office, so my cell and email are your best bet for reaching me, and I will do my best to reply promptly!

In health,


         Mandi Kime, CHST
         Director of Safety

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