March 24, 2020

Dear AGC safety professionals:

First of all, I want to reach out and applaud you all for your hard work as we navigate these tumultuous times. I have spoken to many of you that share the same fears, frustrations and challenges as we chase a moving target to protect our workers.  

I have been fielding many calls lately that make me so proud of you and our industry -- from mask donations for local medical facilities to great efforts to protect our workers on the jobs, and uplifting spirits. What a remarkable industry we work in! As such, for those of you who have not seen this document, we have been sharing it in newsletters and on our new COVID-19 response page. This document spells out the guidelines from CDC, DOH and OSHA with regard to safety work procedures for job sites. Please take a moment to review these guidelines, and make sure you are implementing site-specific controls on each job that is still underway.

Paramount to all of this is social distancing (frequent reminders to your team using our Toolbox Talk), disinfecting and limiting the number of people onsite, thus limiting exposures. This can be accomplished with shift and break rotations, keeping your Toolbox Talks in small groups and making sure that sanitation stations are well stocked and cleaned regularly as well as disinfecting frequently touched objects. These protocols have been established as minimums to continue working, so please review and implement as applicable. As this evolves, I will be updating the document and sharing it. So, if you have additions, and new ideas, please let me know.

I also implore each of you, as critical members of your response team, to be sure you are looking out for your own health -- to that end, that you are protecting your physical and mental health. I am working on more materials that can be shared for the benefit of all of us as well as our teams.

Uncertainty definitely takes a toll on all of us and making space and taking time for our mental health and encouraging that for our teams is paramount for our industry that already suffers greatly from suicide. I am building more resources to be added to the AGC of Washington Suicide-Prevention Page and encourage their use.
Please remember that we are in this together -- so if you need help, please reach out. I am balancing time between home and my office, so my cellphone and email are your best bet for reaching me, and I will do my best to reply promptly!

In health,

Mandi Kime, CHST
Director of Safety
AGC of Washington
Cell 206.786.6517 (text is OK!)

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