First phase of three-phase plan to resume construction activities submitted to Governor

As you may know, AGC of Washington recently suggested, and the Governor agreed, that a construction advisory group be developed to discuss how construction could be safely reopened. The group consists of AGC, BIAW, Association of Washington Business and three labor groups: Washington Building Trades and the Operating Engineers' and Carpenters' unions.

The group met several times with the Governor’s office as well as with other agencies. This week, the advisory group completed and sent to the Governor its recommendation that construction be restarted in phases, starting with "Phase I" projects -- those for which six-foot social-distance rules are not a problem. Some commercial construction, residential construction and road building would likely make up the bulk of Phase I projects.

See the letter the advisory group sent with that recommendation and see the attendant Phase I jobsite safety requirements that the group also agreed upon. As of this writing, the Governor has not made the decision to allow Phase I projects to proceed. We will continue to urge him to do so.

Meanwhile, the advisory group is currently working on a recommendation and safety plan for Phase II projects -- those involving working closer than six feet. I believe we will be able to complete that work and submit a recommendation to the Governor next week, with Phase III to follow.

I am pleased with the advisory group’s product. The employer and labor members are united in their belief that we have created a plan for safe Phase I jobsites. We look forward to a positive response from the Governor.

David D'Hondt
Executive Vice President
AGC of Washington

AGC of Washington, 1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301, SEATTLE, WA 98109-3528, United States

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