First phase of construction re-opens across Washington

Earlier today, Governor Inslee issued a proclamation reopening the first phase of construction projects, effective immediately. Phase I projects are those for which social distancing can be maintained at all times. Owners and their contractors will decide whether a specific project meets the Phase-I criteria.

See the Phase-I COVID-19 Jobsite Safety Requirements document. Please note that this document is different than the document you may have seen, which is the Roundtable's recommendation to the Governor. This final document includes changes such as jobsite temperature checks.

Please carefully review all the requirements for reopening and maintaining a Phase-I project. There are many new and important requirements, including temperature checks, posting requirements, designations of COVID-19 site supervisors and much more. Find information on these requirements and jobsite preparedness plans, temperature screening guides and more on AGC’s Phase I COVID-Recovery Safety Resource webpage.

I must reiterate that the Governor’s proclamation reopens only those Phase-I projects for which social distancing can be maintained. There are a couple of important issues to keep in mind:

· There are many construction projects currently underway that have been deemed essential; these are mostly local government projects. Ongoing essential projects must meet all Phase 1 requirements. For higher risk tasks on ongoing essential projects where 6ft distancing recommendations cannot be maintained, a hazard assessment and control plan must be implemented identifying appropriate PPE use meeting Department of Labor and Industries Requirements.

· For Phase-I projects, L&I will have enforcement authority, which includes shutting down a project if it is not meeting all Phase-I requirements. And as we have already seen, members of the public may also be watching closely and reporting any practices they believe to be contrary to the Governor’s proclamation. Again, please review and implement Phase-I safety requirements diligently.

The Governor’s Construction Advisory Roundtable, upon which I serve, is currently developing Phase-II and Phase-III recommendations. Phase II will include projects for which social distancing cannot be maintained. A key element involves the suitability of what types of masks for close contact on a jobsite. The Roundtable is working with L&I on final recommendations which we hope to have soon, enabling us to present a Phase-II plan to the Governor next week. Please know this is not a hard and fast timeline and, in any event, it would still be up to the Governor to decide whether and when to open Phase II projects. Phase III, involving the most complex projects, would then be considered by the Roundtable and Governor.

Also, please join us on Monday for a telephone Town Hall
to discuss the safety requirements of Phase I, and get a tour of all the resources that AGC of Washington has available to you. You can find out more, and register, here.

Please contact me if you have questions. Stay safe!

David D'Hondt
Executive Vice President
AGC of Washington

AGC of Washington, 1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301, SEATTLE, WA 98109-3528, United States

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