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CLC's WSU golf tournament
& fundraiser


The AGC's Construction Leadership Council is reintroducing our WSU Golf Tournament & Fundraiser on the eastern side of the state. All net proceeds will go to benefit Washington State University's Construction Management Program -- a student chapter of the Inland Northwest AGC.
For this scramble, each team registration (three players) will be paired up with a student from the WSU Construction Management program. Open to everyone!
Palouse Ridge Golf Club, Pullman | Registration at 8:00 a.m., shotgun start at 9:00 a.m.

Visit the tournament event page for registration, sponsorship and other event information.
Educational opportunities continue online

The AGC Education Foundation continues to offer virtual continuing-education classes in a live, interactive, remote environment. They're working closely with instructors to maintain high-quality training programs and are finding great success in the virtual environment.

Visit the
AGC Education Foundation website for more information on upcoming classes and programs.

Supervisory Training Program Unit 1: Leadership & Motivation

Sept. 7 – Sept. 16 (5:00 pm to 8:00 pm)  -  Hybrid class (in-person/remote)

Online classes start September 13.
Visit the AGC Education Foundation website for more information on upcoming classes and programs.

For in-person training in the Central District, please reach out directly to me. We will coordinate locations and times according to your needs.
New best-practices guide for
mental health in construction

Written as a Master’s Degree thesis by AGCW safety director Mandi Kime (CHST, B.S. & B.A., Central Washington University), this new Mental-Health Best-Practice Guide is backed by member input to a construction-focused survey. Detailing eight practices that construction employers should consider, this is the first time, to our knowledge, that new data has been developed for mental health in construction that is completely accessible publicly.
AGC Action Alert
As construction materials remain at record high prices and face continued availability challenges, President Joe Biden and Congress are taking actions to make things worse. That’s why AGC needs you to tell them to improve the construction supply chain. Click the provided link and submit the pre-written message (or draft your own). Thank you! Take action here.
Employers start collecting long-term care premiums in January
The following information is provided by the Employment Security Department (ESD) to explain employer responsibilities under the Washington Cares (long-term care) Act as passed by the Legislature.
Collecting premiums.  Employers won’t pay any share of premiums for their employees. Beginning Jan. 1, 2022, however, you’ll be required to report your employees’ wages and hours and collect Washington Cares premiums from your employees’ wages—the same way you do now for Paid Leave.
No payroll? No report  You don’t have to file a report for quarters where your employees had no hours or wages.
Tracking employee exemptions Some employees may choose to apply for an exemption from Washington Cares coverage. It’s their responsibility to apply and—if approved—to notify and give you a copy of their approval letter from the Employment Security Department (ESD). Once approved, exemptions are permanent and employees can never opt back in.
New plumbing law now in effect
If your jobsite includes plumbing, make sure you are aware of the new changes that went into effect on July 1. This new law will impact general contractors, specialty plumbing construction contractors, homeowners, house-flippers that require the use of plumber. Read more...
Washington Construction Law seminar, Sept. 9-10
If you practice, desire to practice or are confronted with matters involving construction law, you cannot afford to miss this conference. Learn recent developments in Washington State and federal case law, statutes and regulations. Learn how to protect the rights of your clients when dealing with public contracts, cutting edge contracting delivery methods, insurance, and bankruptcy.
The construction-law legal terrain is ever changing. Protect your company’s rights to receive payment for its work, and preserve defenses against unmeritorious demands. What you don’t know will hurt you! AGC members receive 50% off their registration using discount code SPP50P. Click here for more information and to register.
Employees save big, too,
with AGC-member benefits

One of the most overlooked benefits for AGC-member firms is the many great discounts -- for Verizon, Staples, Sherwin-Williams, Office Depot and more. But employees, too, can take advantage of exclusive savings, including Verizon, Skechers, 1-800-FLOWERS, TrueCar, Omaha Steaks and more. Get the whole scoop here, and start saving today!
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